Veverfit Timbo Soursop Drink with Rooibos

The function of Timbo Tea

Anti-cancer, anti-tumor

Beauty and whitening

Drop three heights

Improve constipation

Improve immunity

Protect the liver

Timbo Tea-Your choice

✓ High-tech purification, easier to absorb.
✓ The durian leaf and SOD acid-resistant tea are combined into one.
✓ One sachet per day for a sufficient amount of flavor.
✓ Pure natural without additives.
✓ Instantly soak and drink, with a good taste.
✓ Both men, women and children can drink it.
✓ It does not contain tea polyphenols, so you can drink it sooner or later.
✓ No added preservatives.

Ingredient of Timbo Tea

Red Durian leaves can nourish the mind,
-Dehumidification and swelling, the medical community believes that it has a significant resistance cancer suppression effect, enjoy the beauty of “anti-cancer king” reputation

SOD antacid tea
-Rich in SOD
-SOD has extremely strong antioxidant capacity
-It can effectively remove excess active oxygen and lipid peroxide in the body
-Can effectively prevent body aging
-The effect of delaying facial aging

How to Use?

Health care use: 1-2 tea bags per day is enough, if you have stomach problems or low blood pressure, please drink after meals
Yes, before or after meals without stomach problems.

Therapeutic use: If you have not consumed it, it is recommended to start with 1 tea bag a day, and let the body adapt to it before slowly increasing the dosage. At first, you may feel dizzy or fever, this is a normal reaction, the body will not adjust

Avoid to use

• Women who are pregnant, pregnant women and children under three years of age are not recommended to drink.
• If you have stomach winds, drink before eating.
• Patients with radiotherapy and chemotherapy: one week after treatment, you can drink Tianbao tea.
• People with cancer drink before meals. Ordinary people can drink before or after meals.
• Do not drink on an empty stomach if you have “stomach problems”.

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