Nektar Soothings Oil (5ml)

RM 19.90

Nektar Soothings Oil (30ml)

RM 69.00

Nektar Soothings Essence Oil (5ml)

RM 80.00

Nektar Soothings Essence Oil (10ml)

RM 160.00

Timbo Tea

RM 120.00

Tongkat Ali

RM 350.00

Customer Foremost

“Reputation First, Customers Foremost” is our services aim.Using natural materials make our products good in quality.

Our corporate culture and mission of putting customers, quality products, service quality and health as the mainstay contribute to people’s pursuit of a healthy and quality life.

Business Focal Point

Main aim is to maintain the quality of our product to gain long lasting confidence from our customers on our products.
We focus on the quality of our products in order to gain our customers confidence with the efficiency of our products.

Human Dimensions

Employees are the part of our big family in the company. They have a deeper understanding of innovation, efficiency and quality. With this, it leads them to a very high standard of quality works.
Besides, the company’s employees are committed to improving and enhancing the working environment so that all of them able to achieve work efficiency.

Ethical Standards

Always in good ethical corporate image for the reputation of the company.
True Love and Honesty is the fundamental of our corporate culture and business philosophy without forgetting the original intention.