ICIM International is an Italian company founded in the 1930s as a pharmaceutical business. Today the company is becoming ever more popular in Italy and in foreign markets through its BioNike brand. The word BioNike has a Greek etymology:



¬†After pioneering the development of “dermatological cosmetics” and the special care required to treat sensitive, allergic and hyper-reactive skin, BioNike is today a leading company in the production and sales of dermocosmetics in the pharmacy. With decades of expertise on cosmetic forumulations for sensitive skin, today the company offers products that meet the so-called

“Allergen-free philosophy”:

which mean with no preservatives, fragrances, gluten and nickel tested.


Ensure effectiveness, safety, well-being and a fair quality/ price ration to end users, also with sensitive skin.

“Allergen-free Philosophy”